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Health Insurance Plans

Individual Plan

If you’re not on an employer’s group plan then you are in need of individual healthcare coverage.  We have policies for a variety of personal needs whether you are single, have a family, or are self-employed.  Whether you are looking for a plan that includes preventative care, high deductible options, or prescription coverage, we can offer you a plan to suit your healthcare needs.

Group Plan

If you are an employer with 2 or more employees, you are eligible for a group plan.  Offering a group health plan can help attract and retain quality employees.  Rabbett Insurance Agency offers a variety of both traditional and innovative plan designs and can help you decide everything from the type of plan you want to offer your employees to how much your employees will contribute to their health coverage.

Long Term Care

Long Term Care (LTC) is the care needed by an individual who requires assistance with daily living activities.  This need can arise at any age due to a sudden, serious illness or disability.  Everyone is at risk for needing long term care.  Most people think that government programs such as Medicare or Medicaid will cover the costs associates with long term care when the time comes.  Medicare only covers a small piece of costs associated with LTC, while Medicaid requires individuals to spend down their assets before they can qualify for benefits.

Long term care coverage protects your hard earned assets, alleviates the burden of caring for an aging individual on relatives or friends, and allows for more control over how and where you receive care when it is needed.  For these reasons it is important to consider LTC insurance while you are still healthy.  We can help you better understand your options concerning how coverage works and help you make an informed choice concerning your long term care.

Individual Disability Income Insurance

Your ability to earn an income is one of your greatest assets.  No one expects to become disabled and not be able to work.  But, it does happen.  If you should become unable to work and collect a paycheck how will you pay the mortgage, buy food, make your car payment?  You may think you’re already covered by Social Security or your employer’s group disability plan.  In most cases Social Security does not apply or is not enough to cover your expenses, and most group disability plans only cover 50% of your income.  An individual disability policy can cover your expenses if you become disabled by injury or illness.