Rabbett Insurance

Independent Agent


Independent agents are licensed and trained professionals who represent multiple insurance companies with varying insurance products. We can evaluate your particular situation and tailor coverages to meet your specific needs. We work for you, the consumer, and do not answer to a parent company. That 1-800 number is not going to call you back in a year to reassess your insurance policy to be sure your coverages still fit your needs. Your independent agent will.

Do Independent agents live and work in your community?

Yes, all of our agents live here in our community and are available to speak with you in person at our office or by phone. Independent agents don’t use gimmicks to sell insurance and we appreciate that consumers are capable of sitting down with an agent to discuss their specific needs in order to gain an understanding of what they are actually purchasing.

Are we are involved in our local Chambers of Commerce?

Yes, not only are we involved, we offer an exclusive Windsor Chamber of Commerce insurance benefit through Traveler’s Insurance.