Rabbett Insurance

Reporting a Claim

What should you do if you have experienced a loss?

If you have experienced a loss, please Contact  us as soon as possible. We are here to help guide you through the claims process, if it is after business hours and you experience a loss and would like to begin the claims process, please call the appropriate number listed below. Please contact us during business hours to notify us that you have reported a claim directly to your insurance carrier.

What information do you need when calling in a claim?

When calling in a claim, be prepared to provide as many details as possible. Depending upon the type of loss, you may be asked specific questions regarding:

      • Your Policy Number
      • The location, time and date of loss;
      • Description of the loss and damage sustained;
      • What caused the loss or accident;
      • Name, address and phone number of other party, witnesses or passengers involved
      • Details of the police report if applicable;
      • Estimate of damage if already obtained.

Most insurance policies require that you take reasonable measures to prevent further loss. In some cases, you can do this yourself by shutting off the source of a water leak or putting a tarp over a hole in the roof, for example. If you need help, we can identify qualified professionals for special needs such as fire and smoke damage.

Claims Contact Numbers By Insurance Provider:

Travelers – Personal Lines

1-800-252-4633 or Report a Claim Online

Traveler’s Mobile Claim App

Travelers – Commercial Lines

1-800-238-6225 or Report a Claim Online


1-800-332-3226 or Report a Claim Online

Ohio Casualty Group


Progressive – Personal Lines

1-800-274-4499 (Press #3) or Report a Claim Online

Progressive – Commercial Lines


Liberty Mutual (Peerless)



1-800-225-2533 or Report a Claim Online

Utica National


Workers Compensation Claim: 1-800-284-3806

The Hartford – Commercial Lines

Commercial Auto: 1-800-327-3636 or Report an Auto Claim Online
Glass-Only Auto Claim: 1-800-892-8484 or Report a Glass-Only Claim Online
Workers’ Compensation: 1-800-327-3636 or Report a WC Claim Online
Commercial Property: 1-800-327-3636 or Report a Property Claim Online
General Liability: 1-800-327-3636 or Report a Liability Claim Online