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Think Twice About What you Post Online!!

Posted on: August 5th, 2014 by Rabbett No Comments

Most thieves are opportunists. Posting or sharing certain things online makes their “job” a lot easier.

As one women in Texas has recently found out, posting photos or videos of your high value items online could let potential robbers know what you have to steal. Last week Theresa Roemer’s closet was featured in an article showing off her many high value assets. Within a few days of that article being published and photos of “the largest closet in America” being circulated all around the internet, it was broken into and many of her high value items were stolen.

Another thing to avoid posting online, your vacation plans! Yes we all know you deserve that relaxing break, but when posting specific details such as dates and times when you will be away from your home lets burglars know when your home will be empty. Not only does this give them plenty of time to completely empty your home of all your valuables, chances are that the crime will go unnoticed for several days giving them plenty of time to cover their tracks.

So remember, no matter how excited you are about your new TV or how you can’t wait to have your toes in the sand next week, some things are better left off line.