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Tremors or Godzilla

Posted on: January 16th, 2015 by Rabbett No Comments

With all the seismic, seemingly unusual, activity happening in the Plainfield, Connecticut area this week, you might think it’s a sign that Godzilla is waking up again. Or an incredibly clever marketing ploy from the creators of the Tremors movies, promoting the 25th anniversary of their first movie. However, the cluster of quakes we have been experiencing, sometimes referred to as “earthquake swarms” are not uncommon in our area. New England has a history of earthquake activity that can be traced back to colonial times according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

The true cause of these small quakes continues to be investigated by scientists. The possibilities include an ancient fault line that was formed 400 million years ago, and a process called glacial rebound, which is the reshaping of the earth that was compressed thousands of years ago by the weight of glaciers which once covered our area.

Moderate to large earthquakes with the potential to cause extensive property damage are rare in Connecticut. Homeowners and Property insurance policies in our region do not automatically include earthquake coverage for this reason. However, coverage for quakes is available, and can be added to a Home or Property policy by endorsement.

If you do have concerns or questions regarding earthquake coverage please give us a call